Sunday, 4 August 2013

Cameras for Birding: The ‘Bridge’ Camera Zoom War: Panasonic Lumix FZ72 Joins The Fray

Panasonic have now joined the zoom war in the increasingly popular superzoom ‘bridge’ camera category that is so good for birding.

I have added this camera to the table I prepared for my post of 9 March 2013. These are the key features as far as using the camera for birding are concerned but it would be good to know how it handles noise at high gain (ISO setting) and the chracteristics of its autofocus.

Nikon P520Canon SX50Fuji HS50Sony HX300Panasonic FZ72
Optical Zoom (equiv)24-100024-120024-100024-120020-1200
Max Aperture3-5.93.4-6.52.8-5.62.8-6.32.8-5.9
Sensor Size1/2.31/2.31/21/2.31/2.3
Resolution (Mpixels)18.112.11620.416.1
Output Size (pixels)4896x36124000x30004609x34565184x38884608x3456
VideoFull HDFull HDFull HDFull HDFull HD
Weight g550595758623562

I haven’t seen a review of this new camera yet but how the market has changed in little over a year: from only a Nikon to a five superzooms from all the main manufacturers. Given the reputation of the Lumix series, I suspect this new one will provide the others with stiff competition.