Thursday, 10 April 2014

Cameras for Birding: The Bridge Camera Superzoom War. Yet More

No sooner had I finished the latest post on superzoom bridge cameras for birding than even more appeared, this time from Sony.

Unless anything major happens, I shall not do any further comparisons in this blog. The major manufacturers are producing cameras that, on paper, are now very similar. The basic information can all be seen at:

My Nikon P510, still to me a new camera, is old in terms of its replacements and all the competition that arrived in the market very quickly.

The key for any future purchase I now see as the autofocusing speed and accuracy at full zoom (i.e. the zoom setting most likely to be of interest to birders). I have found figures in some of the manufacturers' websites but insufficient to make comparisons. Given the methods of detecting focus and of mechanically driving the lens components, is there any real difference between the latest models of the different manufacturers?

The next requirement for me would be RAW output. And then weight would be an important but tertiary consideration, especially for carrying in hot climates.